2017-2018 Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House Student Initiatives     

Please contact the lead students, listed below, if you are interested in getting involved!


Black Creators’ Guild

lead: Hope Hynson


The goal of the Black Creators’ Guild is to create and platform for the Black creators in the Writers’ House and on the campus of UMD to share their work. This group aims to celebrate and promote the creations of Black students ranging from visual art, digital art, poetry, fiction, prose, photography, music, et cetera. This group is non-exclusive in terms of who can consume and appreciate the creations put forth but is centered and focused on the creation and promotion of works born out of the African Diaspora.


Gallery Goers

lead: Kat Mullineaux


Gallery Goers is a student initiative group for JPWH that encourages students to cross the borders between visual and written works of art. The group goes to various galleries and museums in the DMV area and spends time exploring the spaces, brainstorming ideas for poems, stories, essays, and anything else they feel inspired to write. GG allows us to discuss those ideas and do some writing in a judgment free, energetic environment while hanging out and exploring the areas around the museums/galleries.


Novel Writers’ Guild

leads: Skyler Hoffman and Kayla Cooper



A student-run organization for writers of novels! You certainly don’t have to be an aspiring novelist to join and we don’t have any rules on regular attendance. Just drop by when you can! We meet once a week to commiserate on the ups and downs of writing, share our work, provide informal critiques, develop and improve our fledgling novels, and enjoy discussion about novels/the writing process. While novels are our priority, we’re happy to discuss any long-form fiction, from novellas to screenplays.