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Undergraduate creative writers rarely have the time and resources needed to pursue their passion alongside their academic work. Open to all majors, the Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House (JPWH) is a two-year living & learning program providing participants with hands-on experience in the field of creative writing, while allowing them to complete their degrees in any area of study. The program was conceived and developed primarily for upper-division students, but will consider applications from academically talented incoming freshmen who have a solid focus on creative writing. Transfer students are welcome to apply.

Writers’ House students engage in a rigorous course of study requiring them to create, submit and revise original work (shorts stories, poems, or scripts) in order to be submitted for possible publication. During the length of the program, participants engage in a variety of literary activities: one-on-one manuscript advising, colloquia, open mic series, the publication of Stylus (the University’s literary journal), and attending Writers’ Here and Now events (campus-wide visiting author series). Study abroad opportunities are also available. Additionally, outstanding students can acquire pedagogical experience by participating in a third-year with JPWH, comprised of an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant course in which they help teach a JPWH section while preparing their own teaching portfolio.

JPWH offers students the opportunity to live in a literary community, develop a writing portfolio of publishable quality, obtain experience organizing, staging, and performing in literary events, gain the knowledge required to publish a literary journal and attain significant experience in teaching creative writing. All of these assets enable our graduates to be strong candidates for MFA programs and entry level positions as teachers, mentors or teaching assistants, literary event organizers as well as future writers and/ or publishers. Upon successful completion of the two year program, participants receive a notation upon their transcripts.

Recent Syllabi:

ARHU298J, Summer 2019: Creative Writing—Cross Cultural Perspectives in Poetry and Fiction

ARHU 309, Fall 2019: Writer’s House Colloquium; 1 Credit Course

ARHU 309, Fall 2019: Creative Writing in Community; 1 Credit Fiction Course

ARHU 309, Fall 2019: Creative Writing in Community; 1 Credit Poetry Course

ARHU318A, Spring 2018: Creative Writing Across Languages and Cultures; 1 Credit Poetry Course

ARHU318B, Fall 2019: Creative Writing Across Languages and Cultures; 1 Credit Prose Course

ARHU318W, Spring 2019: Screenwriting Workshop

ARHU319A, Fall 2019: Form and Theory of Creative Writing; 3 Credit Prose Course

ARHU 319C, Fall 2019: TOTUS Spoken Word Experience

ARHU320, Spring 2019: Writing for Publication